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How To Maintain A Mobile Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasounds are one of the most important exams a person may need or get from a hospital. It is used to check for any internal illnesses and most commonly to check the progress of pregnancy. There are many types of ultrasounds from transvaginal ultrasound, standard ultrasound, advanced ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, 3-D  or 4-D ultrasound, and fetal echocardiography ultrasound.   

Mobile Ultrasound Machine

Due to technology, there has been a creation of mobile ultrasound machines where ultrasounds can be brought anywhere, and there is no need for a designated room for ultrasounds because it can now be brought to the room of the patient. It is important, however, that when operating an ultrasound machine that you properly maintain it so that it will last longer. Here are some tips on how to keep a mobile ultrasound machine.    

First of all, the maintenance of the transducer of the machine. Now, the transducer is a part of the device which is a probe that is arguably the main part of the ultrasound machine. In the mobile ultrasound machine, it is the hand held a device that comes into direct contact with the patient’s body. It shaped like a wand and had a curved end and some transducers are more slender because they are used for a transvaginal ultrasound.    

For proper maintenance of this device inspect it before and after use of the machine to ensure nothing is broken or cracked with the device. If it has any cracks, it will not be able to read images or emit ultrasound waves when the machine is turned on. Always disinfect the transducer and make sure that it is stored in a safe place.     

As for the CPU component of the mobile ultrasound machine, this too is an integral part of the machine because it is the one that emits the ultrasound waves that the transducer emits. Proper maintenance of this is essential, and if you are not equipped with the knowledge to do this, then you should hire a professional to give it a maintenance check every once in awhile. The professionals will be able to detect any problems with the CPU and fix it at your discretion. Although when they say that they have found a problem, it is suggested you fix it right away to make sure that the ultrasound machine is still usable in the future.  

Also, annual maintenance checks up on the control panel, monitor, and disk storage and printer is also required to ensure that the mobile ultrasound machine is working properly. Without checking those integral parts of the machine, it may be the cause of it not working well and could also be a measure to prolong the life of the machine and make sure that it is working well. The images that the ultrasound make are critical, and these three parts of the device are the one responsible for that so make sure they are working well. These are some of the tips to remember when maintaining a mobile ultrasound machine.   

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Tow Truck Towing Benefits

Calling a tow truck will always be your first option whenever your car breaks down, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere. Towing service is such a great solution to car breakdowns these days. However, you still need to make sure that the towing service you are hiring is a reliable one. Yes, a reliable tow truck service really has lots of benefits. But what exactly are these benefits? Here are some of the good things you can get whenever you experience a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere and you call of a reliable tow truck service. 


  • Affordability. Tow truck companies offers you a great deal of quality service with a very affordable price. They are also aware that accidents and car breakdown happens in any time of the day so their services are open 24 hours. 
  • Lockout Help. When your car goes for a breakdown, it is more likely that your car keys can be stuck in it. It is a very frustrating scenario every time it happens. It’s a good thing that tow truck services can easily unlock and restore your car doors with their skilled professionals and high-end equipment. Therefore, locking your car door without that key can be a small amount of problem, just call a tow truck service and you can go on your way again.  
  • They offer jumpstarts. One particular cause of a car breakdown is when the battery dies. And most likely in these situations, you have no one to count on and now family member or friend than can help you get your battery back to its state. During these scenarios, will always need someone to help you for a jumpstart. It is also not advisable to do jumpstart on your own because simple mistakes just like connecting your jumper cables incorrectly can easily damage your battery. Tow truck services can appropriately make a jumpstart on your car without bringing a single damage to your batteries.  
  • Tire Overhaul. Another reason for car breakdown is due to flat tire. Moreover, many drivers today who experience car breakdown does not know how to change a flat tire themselves. Some may have some knowledge but generally does not know the entire process which can be very dangerous because if a tire is not properly installed, it can cause to a more serious accident. Fortunately, a tow truck service is just one call away to properly and efficiently change your flat tires. 
  • Car Buying. A tow truck company does not only offer you services, they will also buy your car at a reasonable amount if it has become very old and slowly becomes an eyesore to your parking area. They’ll offer you a reasonable price while they get rid of the junk car you have in your yard. 


If you need any of these services in the near future, a tow truck service in casa grande is a reliable one. Check them out and let them know anytime and anywhere, and they’ll be on their way to help you.  

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